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Aegis Safety and Security Film
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Benefits of Aegis

With Aegis on duty, glass may shatter but the window film will help hold the glass in its frame. Your windows and doors become a invisible barricades, keeping you, your family, other occupants and your property safe from glass related dangers.

Aegis Safety and Security Films:

  • Provide protection against glass related damage.
    The thickness of the film determines the strength of the film to hold glass in its place. Please discuss your specific needs with a professional installer to determine which film is right for you.

  • Deter criminal activity.
    Criminals know that glass is the weakest point of entry into a home or building. It only take a few seconds to smash through a pane of glass and enter a property. Even with an alarm system in place, criminals can usually gain access to a building or home, steal valuable items and be gone before law enforcement can arrive. However, with Aegis protecting your property, it it much tougher to breakthrough the glass. It will usually take a criminal several tries to bust open a whole in protected glass, forcing most to leave in frustration without obtaining any of your belongings. Without taking the extreme measure of removing all the glass in your home or property, there is no better way to add protection against criminal activity.

  • Protect against natural disasters.
    Glass is one of the first casualties during a hurricane, tornado or earthquake. In the event of glass breakage, dangerous glass shards, wind, rain and flying debris are given full access to your home or property - causing property damage and risk of personal injury. In addition, further loss can be caused by vandals and looters who enter your property once glass is broken and out of place. With Aegis film installed, your windows and doors become invisible barricades, keeping you and your property safely protected during the worst natural disasters.

  • Reduce glass related injuries in the event of a bomb blast. With an increased level of terrorist activities around the world, we are all more aware and concerned about the potential of a local attack. With bombs and explosives being the predominant weapon of choice, terrorists cause extreme damage and human injury through flying debris and glass. Often an explosion will cause glass breakage several hundred feet away from the detonation point. This glass becomes flying shrapnel that can cause extreme damage and injury.

    While very little can be done to protect against a direct attack, you can reduce the potential for injury and damage by installing Aegis on all windows and doors.

Some Aegis Safety & Security Films:

  • Block up to 99% of harmful UV-A radiation
  • Reject up to 78% of the Sun's heat
  • Offer increase privacy
  • Reduce annoying glare
  • Enhance the beauty of any building
  • Are available in a variety of shades and colors to meet the needs of any architectural requirement

To learn which Aegis film is right for you, click here.

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