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Aegis Safety and Security Film
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Protection from glass related dangers begins with Aegis window film.

The risk of personal injury due to a glass related accident should weigh heavy on the mind of any business or property owner. Aegis Safety and Security films are specially designed to help hold a broken pane of glass together, keeping dangerous shards attached to the film's adhesive system. Acting as a thin barrier, Aegis prevents flying shards of razor sharp glass from becoming a danger.

Safety & Security films are advocated by many nonprofit consumer safety organizations as an effective way of protecting against glass related injuries. Whether you are concerned about sustaining damage from a natural disaster, dealing with the unexpected danger of a terrorist attack, or simply wanting some protection against criminal activity, Aegis Safety & Security films will work for you.

What is Aegis
Engineered with powerful adhesives, Aegis is a thin, clear, polyester film which is laminated to the interior surface of your windows or doors. When professionally installed, this clear product provides lasting protection that you can't even see. However, Aegis is also available in tinted and metallized versions offering added benefits such as increased privacy, protection from glare and ultraviolet light, reduced energy consumption and a uniform appearance to your home or building.

Testament to Its Strength
By utilizing a unique technology in its development, many of our Aegis films meet the rigorous standards established by the Dade County Small Missile Test, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the American National Standards Institute and numerous other safety test standards all over the world.

Who Uses Aegis

  • Home Owners
  • Building Owners
  • Property Managers
  • National, State and Local Governments
  • Store Owners
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Nonprofit Institutions
  • Law Enforcement

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